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Dossier Journal x Julia Frakes | Coffee with Sarah Sophie Flicker -

When the legendary Paper Magazine editor-in-chief Kim Hastreiter first introduced me to The Citizens Band creative director Sarah Sophie Flicker in 2008—just before Sarah Sophie took to the stage for an awe-inspiring performance at The Box in New York City—I reckon my fellow dinnermates were unaware of the massive feat of willpower I wielded so as to withhold my inner fangirl and string together a semi-coherent sentence (no doubt, of adulation) in a desperate attempt to avoid embarrassing my editors. It was not until a year later, upon shooting the Fall 2009 Rachel Antonoff lookbook alongside Sarah Sophie and Alia Shawkat, when I finally had a proper opportunity to unfetter my admiration for Sarah Sophie’s artistry and advocacy. Through various fashion and Occupy events thereafter, we have since bonded over our aligned politics and mutual love for Chris Matthews and all things fantastical; it has genuinely been an honor to strike a friendship with Sarah Sophie, one of my heroines and role models.  
Over coffee this past month, it was an utter delight to pose three quick questions on behalf of Dossier to the extraordinary performer, aerialist, editor-at-large (of Lula Magazine), designer, filmmaker (alongside her co-directing partner Maximilla Lukacs), writer (with insightful columns at HelloGiggles and Rookie), wife (director Jesse Peretz is her lucky husband), and mother par excellence.

Click here to read our quick chat at Dossier Journal.

Jul 03

Pressed Juicery | The Chalkboard: Julia Frakes' 13 Favorite Natural Wonders -

Hop on over to Pressed Juicerythe Left Coast Juice Heaven—where my they asked me about a few of my favorite healthy places and products this past May for The Chalkboard, their online “magazine study in living well.”  

hansel from basel dot support thigh hi + kombucha

above: Hansel from Basel dot support thigh hi socks and cultured kombucha

Jun 27


Be sure to hop over to Twin Magazine to read the first of my ongoing “Three Quick Questions with…” guest-edited series for the online component of Twin, the biannual London-based art, fashion, and feminism book. It was a thrill to kick off the series with Kate Foley, buyer for the incomparable retail mecca Opening Ceremony and beholder of both the keenest eye and most enviable job in the industry. While fashion followers may first recognize Kate by her effortless and oft-emulated street style, those who work within the field no doubt also associate Kate with her inspiring warmth and rallying work ethic, routinely regarded as ‘above and beyond the call of duty’ by the fun-loving, innovative and talented team helmed by pioneering retail game-changers, Humberto Leon and Carol Lim.  I am certain that Kate’s nurturing of up-and-coming designers and contributions to today’s most innovative and sought-after collaborations will forever be applauded in fashion history.  In the midst of this hectic Resort 2013 week, Kate and I grabbed a quick coffee and partook in a lighthearted little Q&A in the garden behind Saturdays Surf NYC, just around the corner from the Opening Ceremony Headquarters.  Coupled with her resort buying duties this year, Kate is doubly abuzz in planning Opening Ceremony’s London boutique launch in time for the 2012 Summer Olympic Games and the final logistics underlying all the untold collaborations consonant with such a monumental OC opening.  It was a true thrill to discover a bit about what makes Kate tick, whence her discerning buying prowess and inherent modesty comes (as it were, Brooklyn by way of an active adolescence amidst a picturesque little village in West Sussex, England), and just how the Bearbrick-collector would style a bespoke Diamond Jubilee Twin figurine of the Queen… exclusively in pieces available at Opening Ceremony, of course.

Click here to read our little Q&A at Twin.