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Carol & Humberto — directed by Lisa Paclet

Carol Lim and Humberto Leon (my idols) have ascended the Kenzothrone!  

I have all the respect in the world for Carol and Humberto’s visionary, funloving partnership—along with their ideals upheld at Opening Ceremony as an  A+++ multifarious institution—and am eager to see how they kick off a fresh new chapter to Kenzo’s legendarily bold past.

Truth be told: I live in Opening Ceremony’s innovative house collection (and inspired exclusive collaborations) and am still in awe of the soaring scope of their creative orbit—ranging from the most avant-garde design to the most evocative references to the coziest, coolest vibes.  

I am honored to be a little part of the OC friends & fam.  And I cannot wait to see Kenzo’s history revitalized and pepped up through the pioneering lens of Carol and Humberto.  x

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