yes! a bunny stream of conch

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via COACD: In the grand tradition of year end lists, we here at COACD present our model worship keepsake: The Perrett 100 of 2010—our ultimate field guide and ode to the decade in model. This limited edition poster of 500 features the 100 baddest bitches in the business with artwork by Andrea Mary Marshall.

I am so deeply grateful to Douglas for his steadfast support since 2007 and for all of the stunning opportunities that his industry championship has provided me.

It is sincerely the honor of a lifetime to be included (at 22/23 second mark) amongst these women—some of whom are in fact dear friends and many of whom I hold in the highest regard. I can think of a no more gratifying way to round out the decade that saw my coming-of-age; and for that, I amforever filled with gratitude and heartily taken aback. Thank you!

Andrea Mary Marshall for COACD — for more information on the poster: The Perrett 100 of 2010