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Dossier Journal x Julia Frakes | Coffee with Sarah Sophie Flicker

When the legendary Paper Magazine editor-in-chief Kim Hastreiter first introduced me to The Citizens Band creative director Sarah Sophie Flicker in 2008—just before Sarah Sophie took to the stage for an awe-inspiring performance at The Box in New York City—I reckon my fellow dinnermates were unaware of the massive feat of willpower I wielded so as to withhold my inner fangirl and string together a semi-coherent sentence (no doubt, of adulation) in a desperate attempt to avoid embarrassing my editors. It was not until a year later, upon shooting the Fall 2009 Rachel Antonoff lookbook alongside Sarah Sophie and Alia Shawkat, when I finally had a proper opportunity to unfetter my admiration for Sarah Sophie’s artistry and advocacy. Through various fashion and Occupy events thereafter, we have since bonded over our aligned politics and mutual love for Chris Matthews and all things fantastical; it has genuinely been an honor to strike a friendship with Sarah Sophie, one of my heroines and role models.  
Over coffee this past month, it was an utter delight to pose three quick questions on behalf of Dossier to the extraordinary performer, aerialist, editor-at-large (of Lula Magazine), designer, filmmaker (alongside her co-directing partner Maximilla Lukacs), writer (with insightful columns at HelloGiggles and Rookie), wife (director Jesse Peretz is her lucky husband), and mother par excellence.

Click here to read our quick chat at Dossier Journal.

The Sunday Times | Model student: Active student appears in magazine ads, writes about fashion and style by Caitlin Heaney (staff writer, The Times-Tribune)

Talk about hitting home! I am deeply humbled and honored by Caitlin Heaney West’s profile of me in my hometown newspaper, The Sunday Times—along with (surprise) interviewees Professor J. Timothy Cannon, Ph.D.Alec Friedman of Dossier Journal, and my mom Janie Alperin's enormously kind quotes featured therein.

Read this morning’s Sunday People profile in The Times-Tribune here: The Sunday Times: Model Student appears in magazine ads, writes about fashion and style

[View The Sunday Times January 8, 2012 print edition here: front page and continued in People on page F1]

Dossier Journal | Chadwick Tyler in the Works of a New Oversized Monograph — Julia Frakes

Be sure to hop to Dossier, where I interviewed Chadwick Tyler about his forthcoming art book, projected for publication in fall 2012.