Just a few snip snappity Instagrams from the 2012 Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Gala — hop over here for more information about the exhibition, or head over yonder for more photos from the Met Ball.

Submitted Formspring Question: “What do you think of Celebrities turned into Fashion Designers? I think most of the labels are quite tacky.”

I concur; there is indeed an oversupply of rather garish, second-rate clothing lines out there solely emanating from the commercial desire to generate cold-hard cash by way of affixing a star’s stamp on products through various licensing and marketing mechanisms. That said, I am fed up with the notion of holding “celebrities” to a one-note standard; the American habit of hastily labeling someone as soon as they entire the public’s sphere of consciousness is unreasonable, thoughtless and unjust. People are entitled to flourish in multiple arenas!

The Row, Fall/Winter 2011

[cool, timeless luxury courtesy of The Row, Fall/Winter 2011]

Case in point? Alexa Chung for Madewell, Chloë Sevigny for Opening Ceremony, Delfina Delettrez and The Row are all terrific collections held in high regard by critics and customers alike for their merits and caliber of artistry, quality and wearability—certainly not on account of their ascribed “celebrity” moniker.

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