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Check out this rad little ’80s-inspired green screen short with the always inspiring Coco Young directed by the mulit-mulit-multitalented Tracy Antonopoulos.  I am honestly a bit surprised (and accordingly very grateful to Tracy) that I even made it in the final cut, as I had to prematurely dart from the set due to a massive snowstorm and the consequent confusion over travel logistics!


A video I directed for Bean Pole Accessory Spring Summer 2012.

‘It’s in the Bag’

Starring Delfine Bafort, Julia Frakes, Coco Young, and Tracy Antonopoulos

Directed by Tracy Antonopoulos

Cinematography Deering Regan

Art Direction Natalie Ziering

Additional Photography Ben Nicholas

Assistant Director Asli Baykal

Edited by Tracy Antonopoulos & Natalie Ziering

Original Music by Scott Oakley

More information and video stills at Bean Pole’s blog: BEAN POLE ACCESSORY 2012 SPRING SUMMER VIDEO