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Pressed Juicery | The Chalkboard: Julia Frakes' 13 Favorite Natural Wonders

Hop on over to Pressed Juicerythe Left Coast Juice Heaven—where my they asked me about a few of my favorite healthy places and products this past May for The Chalkboard, their online “magazine study in living well.”  

hansel from basel dot support thigh hi + kombucha

above: Hansel from Basel dot support thigh hi socks and cultured kombucha

Backyard Bill | Julia Frakes: Pennsylvania

I had the honor of shooting with the brilliant, talented Bill Gentle (also represented by Next) this past May for a Backyard Bill feature, which was just published this week.  

We escaped the city for my home state of Pennsylvania, and even shot a few frames around Hillside Farms—a wonderful nonprofit educational farm that played site to many fond childhood memories and whose original proprietors are dear family friends and former neighbors.  (Check out their community-supported work here!)

A big thanks to Bill for making the schlep out to the country!  I had a ball prowling around PA with you; it’s a true honor to be featured amongst such fascinating folks (and friends!) on your site.