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Larry David: What’s the level of anger here? What am I dealing with?
Cheryl David: Well, I’d have to say at least an 8.7.
Larry: 8.7? That’s not that bad. I thought it would be at least a 9.
Cheryl: It was a 9. Then you broke that lamp, and the crazy woman screamed at you, and it got you some pity points.
Larry: Pity points. That’s fabulous, I love pity points. But how can I get to a 7? I know a 6 is out of the question, but is there any way I can get to a 7?

Curb Your Enthusiasm – memorable quotes

(I have, on an altogether embarrassing number of occasions, left plenty o’ party with an eerily similar dialogue.)

Outrage" – probes the psychology of a double lifestyle, the ethics of outing closeted politicians

Watching Kirby Dick's brilliant, eye-opening new HBO documentary Outrage on Saturday cemented my abiding reverence for Barney Frank and gave me the insight needed to truly empathize with Jim McGreevy (who was strikingly candid and poignant in the film).

And golly, was I ever in the dark about Ed Koch!

It’s imperative that Outrage is earnestly picked up by the mainstream press before the 2012 election. While I may be slightly up in the air regarding some of Michael Rogers' tactics, it is absolutely critical that the public sees – and that both parties heed – both the prevailing message and the devastating statistical figures featured in the documentary. 

And yes, I’m looking at you Charlie Crist (cough cough, hypocrite!). When push comes to shove, if he is the Republican Party’s vice presidential nominee, well, I just can’t!

Full length preview here 

Documentary info here

I finally had the opportunity to watch The Special Relationship last night on HBO; as expected, it was absolutely riveting (well, for us contemporary history geeks buffs) and superbly cast (Dennis Quaid was genius portraying Bill Clinton in what quite possibly may be the actor’s magnum opus).

So as a 1990’s politics public service announcement: Richard Loncraine's The Special Relationship – starring Michael Sheen as Tony Blair, Hope Davis as Hillary Clinton, Helen McCroy as Cherie Blair and Dennis Quaid as Bill Clinton – will be re-aired tonight at 6pm EST on HBO.

Worth tuning in. Really.

(YouTube trailer here)