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Giving me far too much credit — I only wish that this statement rang true...

...but alas — unless it is a work-related event — I very rarely go out. 

But flattering nonetheless! Suppose now I ought to try to make a concerted effort and live up to’s accolades

(in F/W 2010 Proenza Schouler and Opening Ceremony)

3 Quick Questions with Bip Ling

Bip Ling – ravishing artist, television presenter, art collectormodelclub promoter, London’s most in-demand DJ and all-around life of the party (with fetching feline features and a bubbly, infectious personality) – is, in a nutshell, my favorite person in the history of the universe. Her blog is better than bananas… it’s bananas flambé! With an incredibly impressive resumé to her credit, 21-year-old Bip is resident DJ of Shoreditch House and runs a club night in Hoxton’s Macbeth Public House called The HOW. I am such an enormous fan of her mother’s fashion designs and illustrations – and of course of her sister Evangeline's recent foray into modeling (with Storm Models) – that I literally cannot wait to catch up with the Lings next time I hop across the pond! With New York Fashion Week just approaching its halfway point, I could not resist the urge to get a head start on preparing for London by sitting down with London’s Live from Fashion Week hostmy love, Bip Ling

As London’s most sought-after and talented DJ, what are five albums that you will never tire of?  

  1. Beck - Modern Guilt
  2. The Libertines - Up the Bracket
  3. N*E*R*D - In Search Of…
  4. Pixies - Surfa Rosa & Come On Pilgrim
  5. Pulp - Different Class (it always will remind me of my parents as they used to play it when I was a child growing up)

Where has been the most exhilarating location that you have ever been photographed to date?

Well… the fact that I met YOU on the same shoot for the second issue of LOVE [styled by Victoria Young and shot by Daniel Jackson] has definitely made Spring Studios the most exhilarating location where I have ever been shot!

You’re far too sweet! Likewise! Anyhow, you have such a talented and fascinating family… what was your childhood like?

My childhood was very fun I guess, considering what my interests have developed into!

My parents had me when they were both at Central Saint Martins. My mummy studied fashion design and my daddy studied sculpture so as a child I was always going to art and fashion events.

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