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Check out my dear friend, the extraordinary Ann Curry, interviewing my brilliant cousin Laura Schocker, Senior Editor of the Huffington Post's Healthy Living. The thought-provoking segment delves into the phenomenon of why more than 30 million Americans are choosing to live on their own.  

[via The Today Show]

The New York Times –– Chronicle of a Genocide Foretold, Southern Sudan

P.S. Tumblers-Who-Also-Tweet: Please follow my dear friend Ann Curry –– Dateline NBC co-anchor and lead news anchor for NBC’s TODAY Show –– on Twitter as she chronicles the crucial, life-and-death significance of the forthcoming 100 days while in perilous Souther Sudan with her lionhearted news team and the dashing, gallant (…etcetera, etcetera ad infinitum) George Clooney.

Please follow her on Twitter @AnnCurry.

Please learn more information regarding the development of the impending genocide above–– and pass it on!