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Dossier Journal | Chadwick Tyler in the Works of a New Oversized Monograph — Julia Frakes

Be sure to hop to Dossier, where I interviewed Chadwick Tyler about his forthcoming art book, projected for publication in fall 2012.


In an unprecedented new monthly venture, Chadwick Tyler – my dear friend and one of my best-loved photographers – will be putting up for sale a selection of some of his most renowned works in limited editions of 200 for a fleeting 72 hours or until depleted, which ever occurs first.

Typically archival 11x14 signed and numbered photographs of this caliber (based on print size, quality and quantity) are priced between $850-$1100; be that as it may, Chadwick is taking a much more democratic approach and offering a new lot of works for just $250 each month.

(That said, for diehard collectors who are seeking works that are even more limited, larger or rarer, he also provides that option… with a befittingly steeper fee.)

The first batch features Suvi Koponen and Tyler Riggs and will be available June 3, 2010 at 11 am EST at